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Boys and Girls Clubs of South Central Texas Day for Kids

Boys & Girls Clubs’ “Day for Kids” is a day set aside each year to celebrate and honor our children by spending meaningful time with them. It’s about celebrating children, grandchildren or any child in need of mentoring. Day for Kids is held each year in September, and is led by Boys & Girls Clubs of America and other nonprofit partners. Parents and other child caregivers know that there is a relationship between the amount of meaningful time adults spend with children and issues facing youth today, such as discipline problems, violence, substance abuse and other dangers to children’s health and happiness.

Meaningful time with children is important
Research shows that when adults spend meaningful time with kids, it helps kids develop a positive self-image and a sense of belonging, usefulness and purpose. The Families and Work Institute’s study, “Ask the Children,” found that while children are happy with the amount of time their parents spend with them, they wish the time together was not rushed, but focused and rich in shared activities.
Boys and Girls Clubs of South Central Texas Day for Kids
Each year Americans have cars inspected, change the batteries in smoke alarms and check furnaces before cold weather. These actions are routine – things that we never forget to do. Yet, when it comes to our most important responsibility – our children – we sometimes forget to take stock of how we’re doing as parents and caregivers. Day for Kids aims to change that with its meaningful message.

How can I get involved?
Plan time together with the children in your life. Call us at the Boys & Girls Club of South Central Texas and volunteer to help or use BGC Day for Kids as another platform to make your voice heard about the needs of America’s children and the importance of spending meaningful time with them.

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